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Welcome to my personal webpage!

My name is Andrei and I live in Lubny, central part of Ukraine. On this page I would like to say some words about my hobby, which is amateur radio.

My interest to the radio has began in the school years, I believe it was inherited from my father. My first callsign I got in 2000, that allowed to me to work in the air.

In the air you can meet the thousands or even millions of amateur radio operators around the world. Each of them has its own interest in the our hobby. Someone likes to design new radio or antennas and check own constructions in the air, someone interested in "hunting" for DX (very rare radio stations from the most exotic corners of our planet) or taking part in the various international championships and contests. Amateur radio has found its application in various experiments of space exploration as well. Also it should be noted that radio amateurs often helps to rescue services in emergency situations, using their equipment to provide emergency communication.

Despite to the fact that the radio was invented more than a century ago, due to scientific and technical progress and the development of digital technology it becomes more and more perfect every day. Radio amateurs play an important role in this process too.

So radio communication is very versatile and it is used in many spheres of human activity. For many people it is just a hobby, for others is profession, but the undisputed fact that the radio is still in demand and most likely will be in demand for years to come.

A little bit about my radio. I am using an old but still is a decent radio is Yaesu FT990. In the MMANA CAD's program I was able to calculate the combined 5-element Yagi on the 15 and 10 meters bands, which is mounted at an height of 10 meters above the ground. For 20-meter band, I am using Delta-Loop, with horizontal polarization, on the 40 meters is slopped dipole, with vertical. Both antennas are mounted on a mast height of 15 meters.

73's de Andrei, UZ7HO

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