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Matt KD0PYK : 18.03.2023 21:29
Using the latest soundmodem on windows 10 pc to IC-7100. When running Calibration, I never hear a tone being transmitted when the 7100 is transmitting (using a ht at the same frequency to listen on 145.050). Running winlink, I never get a connect. Please advise.
Tom N5ATR : 2.03.2023 08:04
Hello. For some reason, EasyTerm is not working. I checked all the settings...It will not BEACON. UZ7HO modem is working fine...I've been on Winlink many times today...any help would be appreciated...
Christer SM0DXT/SM5DXT : 16.02.2023 17:07
Tnx Andrey for ufb software. Will use in my schack for different projects. How to donate!? Stay safe and strong! 73s/Christer
Edwin Lee Schaff : 29.01.2023 04:39
Using soundmodem 114 with UISS and an ICOM 9700. Had running last night briefly. Transmissions on soundmodem screen AND UISS screen. When enter calibrate the A modem will key my rig, not B side. Tried to restart today and will not start-up again. COM4 19200 8,0,none Im assuming the COM3 port from ic9700 is for AUDIO information. Codex (Mic/Spkr) selected in devices. PTT.dll and CAT.dll are in UISS file. The Advanced PTT button is not avaiable (subdued). Any assist why program will not run and display packets GREATLEY appreciated. Thanks Ed W6AOA Pensacola, FL easydogctrc@gmail.com
Jeffrey Lewis : 24.01.2023 13:24
Hello Andrey, I am using your software with my DigiRig into my Ft-875D. It is a great program and really like the way things work. I am having a problem that I hope is an easy fix..... After some time the soundmodem softwar will go to sleep it seems, in that it stops responding to the BPQ software and no longer transmits the radio. All I have to do in this situation is restart the soundmodem software and then bring it and BPQ back up and I am good for maybe another 12 hrs before it goes back to sleep. 73 WW4BSA Jeff
Taka JK2XXK : 15.01.2023 01:41
Hello Andrey, I enjoy using your software on a daily basis to operate on IO-117. However, We are troubled by packets from stations using the Store&Forward function. As QSOs using this feature are invalid for DXCC and other awards, could you please add a setting to the Item Color Setup so that packets with RX values above a certain one change background color? For reference, the current IO-117 returns ACK when a packet with a ReTXDelay of 15 or more is received. Thank you.
Bob Spears AA4RL : 2.01.2023 03:48
Stay strong. Majority of the world is with Ukraine with its fight with the invasion of your country. I would like to make a donation but I do not use PAY PAL. Any other way? 73 de Bob, AA4RL P.S. I have used your program for many years and I want to donate to you and your family in the rough and tough times you are going through.
WA2NDV : 15.12.2022 00:49
Thanks for great software to work GreenCube. I completed my WAS with Hawaii from the East Coast USA and many new DXCC entities thanks to you. Please advise on how to donate. 73 and stay strong. Frank
Jean Marc : 14.12.2022 17:44
Hi Andrei, After encouraging others to donate some $ to you on twitter to show our appreciation of your great work I tried to do so myself but could not find the link to do so on your site. Let me know how I can do so. Bon courage in this difficult times for you. 73 Jean Marc
EA3B Xavier : 13.12.2022 19:18
Thank you very much for the new update on sound modem to work greenube. It works better with low signals. Make we do a donation?
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