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John Sutherland : 5.10.2019 06:48
This fix worked!! Thanks Andy Looks like Windows 10 update issue. Read this info how to share Mic access to SM program: https://winaero.com/blog/microphone-doesnt-work-windows-10-version-1803/
John Sutherland : 4.10.2019 19:59
I have been running version 1.01, been working great. Now I am getting an error, "Error opening wave input device". disconnected USB cable, uninstalled USB codec, plugged back in, USB codec installed and I still get the same error. USB Codec is selected for input and output. I used Windows 10 SYstem restore and went back to the last update, a couple weeks ago. Still same problem. Any ideas?
Douglas McCommins : 21.08.2019 20:38
Andrei: Expect all is well. Appreciate your thoughts on setting up the IC-9700 with UISS/UZ7HO Modem and SatPC ISS. IC-9700 does not have VOX for FM-D and cannot share a COM port for both UISS/UZ7HO and SatPC ISS. Possible to create an additional virtual serial port from my existing COM port using VSP (Virtual Serial Port) software for just the PTT on UZ7HO modem? 73, Doug
Mark : 21.08.2019 00:04
I got this working with WinLink Express and made a connection over VHF about 30 miles away. Although WinLink didn't want to send my radio only messages, it did connect and did upload and download system messages well. I have since lost connection with that node for some unknown reason. But the software and hardware does work well.
Patrick Gooden : 6.08.2019 01:20
Well Done!!!
Don Lewis : 1.08.2019 04:12
When I try to access our BBS this is the exchange. What should happen after the BBS sends the RR? 1:Fm KE0EE To W0IA-10 [19:06:14T] 1:Fm W0IA-10 To KE0EE [19:06:18R] [+++] 1:Fm KE0EE To W0IA-10 [19:06:20T] 1:Fm W0IA-10 To KE0EE [19:06:24R] [+++] 1:Fm KE0EE To W0IA-10 [19:06:25T]
Jon : 25.07.2019 00:18
Is there a way in the program to control the RTS line. Currently it is a high level. Can it be inverted? I am using a USB to 232 converter. 73
Kyle : 23.06.2019 23:03
Amazing people still do this. Very cool. Someone come play radio chess with me
TOM LUTZ : 15.04.2019 00:48
great program works great. are there any updates since 101 for windows? thanks kd8fjm tom
Ruedi Fehlmann : 20.03.2019 16:51
Hello Andrei, I'm looking for the UZ7HO Soundmodem ver. 0.97b software.Unfortunately I find only the hs_ soundmodem.21zip Can you please send me the link.Thank you. Greetings Ruedi
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