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Gokhan : 21.09.2021 02:35
Hi, I am SOTA activator and would like to be able to use my cell phone to use APRS over HF. Are you able to convert this software to Android and/or iOS for use? Thanks, 73 VA6GOK
rvineCAGuy KN6BMO : 19.09.2021 01:16
I configured SoundModem 113 and set Hide Window on Startup. Works. But now I want to see (and change) the settings. How can I launch soundmodem.exe and NOT HIDE?? PS each time I start it creates a new instance. It does not close on exit. Using WinLink to auto-start soundmodem which then creates many copies, and of course an error that KISS port is busy
Stephen Farlow : 17.09.2021 03:26
Running soundmodem with a Rigblaster Advantage. Tried connecting to a station with Easyterm but the radioport window shows no radio ports. Soundmodem works fine with Winlink Express and RMS Packet. Can't figure out where a radio port is defined. HELP!!
Avi : 15.07.2021 12:56
Hello Andrei, We are currently working on a GRC transmitter for TAUSAT-1, and would like to get information regarding the different DSP components of the transmitter, as well as their specific parameters (eg. RRC roll off factor, etc...). Thanks in advance, Avi
David McCurley : 24.06.2021 18:07
Hello from Georgia USA, Nice page. The software works great, thanks for the download. 73's de K4XRT
Bill Rose : 12.06.2021 08:14
Hi Andrei - Just Discovered that you need to incorporate somewhere in an appendix in your Quick Set-up Guide so others like myself with a Yaesu FT-8900 know that there are some additional settings needed for setting up the Soundmodem Pgm for the 8900 that aren't given in the Guide. These should be added to the Modem setting: The change in the setting below fixed my problem! TX Delay = 250 TX Tail = 50 I thought this was needed so others won't run into this timing problem. 73, Bill, K6HMS - Huntington Beach, CA
BILL ROSE : 20.05.2021 07:20
Hi Andrei - I have the same problem as Jean Claude as noted in his messsge to you: " I have the same problem than Phil Bautista : error opening wave input device (unspecified error) after an update of Windows 10. Have you an idea." Best 73s
DarkoKZ : 14.04.2021 14:51
Great software, but not suitable for running on HF, ax25 afsk 300bps is not a good protocol-mode, old newpsk aka q15x25 was a bit refreshing, but never lived among radio amaters on HF, maybe becouse lack of good modem-software under "winOS". It is a pity that no open source modem for the packet-radio network on HF.
Alex 2E0KLX : 19.03.2021 14:43
Hi, I wanted stop by and say hello, plus a big thank you for creating this software for all us HAM's to enjoy!! I am a fresh newbie when it comes to Packet but thanks to you i have had my first successful Packet QSO today, none of this would be possible without your software so thank you so much. Best 73 de Alex 2E0KLX
Guy ON4RO : 17.02.2021 22:09
Hello Andrei, I'm trying your packet program on HF; I set everything as in your help file but I have NO RX. I see the waterfall, I see signals but no decode at all in both programs. I tried different settings but nothing works. I'm using the soundcard of the computer which is connected to my radio via USB. Other modes working with FLdigi is no problem. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks, 73, Guy - ON4RO
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