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K6PFG Patrick : 25.05.2024 00:15
I find that your sound modem is still going strong even today. Thank for taking the time to put together this type of software. Best wishes to you.
Matjaz S57MK : 4.05.2024 12:28
Hi Andrei, i also have "PTT.DLL is not found!" problem with DRA-45 and Win 11. If i click on Advanced PTT settings, i get No advanced settings found. PTT.DLL and CAT.DLL are in the same folder as soundmodem. Thanks!
VE3EBE : 26.04.2024 19:28
I have been having trouble with soundmodem locking up or freezing. Sometimes it will run for 5 minutes and sometimes it can run overnight. I just close the program and restart it and all is good again. I have tried it on two different Win10 computers, a I5 with 8g ram and a I9 with 64g ram with the same issue. Any ideas?
Georg : 20.04.2024 12:13
Hello Andrei, congratulations on the super decoder software. Question: is it also possible without a satellite assignment 9k6 GMSK AX.25 without a satellite assignment? I'm thinking of Sonate-2 telemetry. vy 73 Georg
Tom Kwan : 2.03.2024 22:41
Hi, Great work you're doing with soundmodem. Would you put me in the right direction of finding the CAT.dll file for the Yaesu 991A. I am having difficulty in trying to figure out the settings for the CAT control. Thanks in advance. Tom Kwan KN6VFB Brea, California
PU1OGR : 22.02.2024 23:36
Greetings, mate! Thanks for the great software. Some fellows that were around in the golden age of packet said there were quite slow modes, like 50bauds or even slower, for really hard conditions. Is it possible to implement such speeds in the soundmodem. Also if Easyterm could connect to kiss modems it would be great: we are trying some stuff with fldigi in kiss modeand easyterm would be a very interesting tool. Rafael Ramos - PU1OGR - Niteroi Brasil
Bill : 20.02.2024 22:33
Hi, great software. Will you be adding IL2P error correction option to the various Packet modes? 73 Bill
PY1XTA : 18.02.2024 12:51
Hello Andrei. Writing to thank you for your excellent soundmodem. Works great on Teamviewer, Winlink and APRS. I would like to make a suggestion: include PSK 31, 63, 125 and 250 modes in the soundmodem. They would be great for HF use. My best regards. Mauro R. Veiga P.S.- sorry by Google translation.
N5DJY - LON : 15.02.2024 21:35
Hello Andrei, thinking of you and your countrymen constantly. You will prevail. Thank you for the software as I am just starting my packet digipeater here in Washington State. Stay safe and on the air, 73 de N5DJY.
Steve AG7GN : 1.02.2024 21:31
I was wondering if any other users have reported "PTT.DLL is not found!" errors despite having CAT.dll, PTT.DLL and soundmodem.exe all in the same folder. I'm using soundmodem 1.14 and the latest available PTT-CAT files from your web page. I'm running a Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 11 with latest updates. I've tried adding soundmodem.exe to my list of allowed apps for firewall/antivirus and also disabling antivirus with no effect. I see this error whe I select EXT for the PTT port. I'm using a DRA-50 sound card and it works fine with VARA FM on this same laptop. Thanks.
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