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Larry : 25.11.2011 17:14
Hi Andy, Thanks for a great program that has vastly improved HF APRS for me. 73, Larry
G7OMN : 23.11.2011 18:14
Keep up the good work...!
Graham Le Good : 23.11.2011 18:14
Thanks for soundmodem 0.24 works very well on both 300b and 1200b 73 Graham
Damir : 23.11.2011 18:10
Today visited yr web .Nice antenas I see. Has been looking for newesy UZ7HO sound modem but think that with 17 is last. Suppose for visiting yr software must get password Best regards CUL 73 from Japan city UBE
Carl : 23.11.2011 18:07
Hi Andy, am looking at u on my APRS map but not able to connect. So just to say "hello". U and RA9SJI-14 are only stations currently on map. Says u are digi through IW0SAG-14.. Agn Hi and 73 Carl
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