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Russ : 23.05.2012 00:38
Thank you for your fine sound card packet modem program, Andrei. I have it installed and it it displaying data already from 300B packet on 14 Mhz. I have yet to figure out how to enter my call letters? Soon I hope. hi hi.. 73/Russ
Владимир : 17.05.2012 15:21
Привет,Андрей!Нет ли в Ваших архивах программы Yaesu.com? Её написал кто-то из 9-го района Об этом я знаю из сообщения покойного UA3CR.
Tom : 10.05.2012 16:23
I am here for the first time. I have heard many nice things about your software and I look foward to trying them. Tnx for all the Great work. 73 de Tom - New Jersey
John : 6.05.2012 05:16
Hey! I helped a buddy install your program on his windows computer and it worked amazing! Do you think you could make a Mac OS X version for all of us apple users? Thanks!
John : 4.05.2012 17:16
Andrei, thank you for a great program. The soundcard decoder works great, much better than anything else that I've tried. I like the ability to move the Mark/Space tones. It works well with the UISS program. Keep up the good work 73, John
Steve - KB6HOH : 23.04.2012 07:08
Hi Andrei! I just installed the Sound Card Modem program. Looks great. I like the ability to Monitor Packet Status as well as monitoring the Freq activity. Do have a problem using it with Outpost. After 1 or 2 sessions the Send/Receive function stops working. I have to restart Outpost and then it will start working. Outpost and AGWPE has no problem with it. In a Emcomm situation this will not work! I do like the program except for this Bug. Hope their is a fix for it. 73 de Steve KB6HOH kb6hoh@comcast.net
Doug VE7EPT : 23.04.2012 00:52
I have installed soundmodem for use with a Signalink USB and UIView on both vhf and HF. Works perfectly! Thank you for your efforts.
G3NDO Pesi : 18.04.2012 19:49
Hello Andrei, I got the information about you and your software from Sergej UT1HZM. After all these I worked a human and not a BBS Hi. I chated with on the keys. I am now going to download your soft TNC and see if I can get going ok here and will use it to hunt for more human packeteers ! Thank you & 73 Pesi Sorab G3NDO
Jaime - KP4JEV : 14.04.2012 20:17
I have been hearing great reviews of your program ( UZ7HO) ) from all over the world. I did not want to pass the oppurtunity to find out for myself how good this program is. I recently downloaded the program and I am ready to intall it now . Thanx in advance . Sincerely submitted, 73
Leigh M5GWH : 13.04.2012 19:21
Thank you for a superb piece of soundcard modem software - works perfectly. 73 Leigh M5GWH - MB7UVT APRS Digipeater
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