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Jason : 22.12.2013 23:49
73s from Texas, USA! www.grapevinehamradio.com
EW3DS : 25.10.2013 01:55
Любая работа сделанная с душой и любовью всегда принесет хороший результат. Андрей, спасибо тебе большое за отличный модем и терминал!
ON3DHC : 29.09.2013 20:05
Hi, On you tube I found a video explaining that DMR could work with the soundmodem. Is that true? I don't find any information on that. I'm looking for a way to have Hytera DMR to send APRS location to aprs2.net
Mineo JE9PEL : 23.09.2013 13:09
I hope the next version of Soundmodem_9k6. Thanks in advance.
Sander W1SOP : 31.08.2013 07:06
Hi, twice now I've had the UZ7HO modem stick in the PTT-on position. Both with version 45 and 49. Once with RMS Express and an interface program, the other time with aprsis32 using native sockets. I have a USB-3 by Microham which is very reliable and has never stuck the PTT open before. When I kill the soundmodem PTT is released so it appears the soundmodem keeps the COM port RTS high. How do I help debug this? With this problem the soundmodem can not be used and that would be a shame. I clicked on the email link elsewhere but nothing happened so I hope this works. Thanks, Sander W1SOP
Greg KI4ZNH : 4.07.2013 23:09
Great chatting with you
Mike N9KU : 27.04.2013 03:29
It looks like you're putting quite a lot of work into your project. One question: would it be possible to support 9600 baud? Most U/VHF packet networks in the US transitioned from 1200 to 9600 baud long ago. Thanks!
Flint, N0FHG : 18.04.2013 17:24
Interesting project. Good luck! 73
Bone - PP5VX : 15.04.2013 20:47
Nice work ! Very well done job by your Software TNC, and decodes what AGWPE don't... THX !
Robert : 25.02.2013 00:54
hello, can you help me for a formule to calculate the CRC checksum for APRS or packet AX25. i can't find anything good. know you the algorytme and a soft in c or c++, i have this: // Module functions static void update_crc(uint8_t a_bit) { crc ^= a_bit; if (crc & 1) crc = (crc >> 1) ^ 0x8408; // X-modem CRC poly else crc = crc >> 1; } but it don't give the good result????? thank's RP 73 QRO f1gho
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