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Phil Lowden : 6.01.2024 04:31
for some time i was able to connect to my local vhf gateway using packet winlink and sound modem now with no changes in settings, i constantly get disconnected as soon as i connect thanx phil VE3PLU
Doug K0DSP : 29.12.2023 03:53
Hi Andrei, Your software works great with the IO-117 satellite. How can I donate some money for your efforts?
Peter Gibson. G7LJA : 16.12.2023 18:37
Hi trying to decode IO-117 with your Hi speed soundmodem with TS2000 signalling usband greencube terminal by OZ9AAR tracking software Hallosat with PSTrotator. In your software High speed soundmodem ver 0.04b there are no tuning arrows in waterfall.is it posiable to work IO-117 with my setup Thanks for your time Peter
Bill De La Mater : 2.12.2023 20:52
Hello Andrei, My name is Bill and my QTH is on Bethel Island. I have been looking for a dual port HF/VHF program to run my Kantronics KAM XL for some time now. Soundmodem looks like the program I have been looking. Thank you for your time to read this post. Very 73 de KB6LFM
Delbert McCord : 15.11.2023 01:06
Thank you for your great software! With it I am able to use Satellite IO-117. This is a blast. Thank You sir 73 DE K8OCN
Randy K7RHT : 24.10.2023 03:03
Hello Antrei, I have been using your soundmodem for my RMS -10 and gateway for years, today my packet system will not go past the CMS line, TX's but does not receive the RX from the other side, I can see it on the waterfall, but no connection continues. I listened to the tones and the low town seems off, very high in frequency. I see a test to check frequency, but how do I adjust it? Any help here would be appreciated.
Talmadge Pipkin : 25.09.2023 01:10
Thank you for making this available. New Technician here in the US (currently working on General) and this is all quite interesting. I hope to get it completely setup (only receive is working for me now, getting waterfall with TYT TH-7900 Transceiver). Take care and stay safe out there! -73
Mark G1INU : 22.09.2023 13:25
Hi Andrei, I have just returned to Packet for the first time in 35yrs because I have just started using the Satellite's. It was great to find a software solution to replace the old Tiny2 type TNC's and do everything from within the computer.You have done a great service for many Amateur operators and I for one am extremely grateful. 73's. de G1INU
DarkoKZ : 10.09.2023 11:02
Hello Andrei ! Is there any chance for you to get SCS permission for RPR (Robust packet) modem to add it in your fantastic "SoundModem" ? Q15X25 is obsolete and abandoned but RPR maybe has a chance for HF modem, AFSK300 is realy out.
David Visser : 7.09.2023 18:01
Hi Andrei, Trying to work Packet HF 300 baud with your Soundmodem and Easyterm together with my FT897D and all working with Microham DXP tnc. Problem is: connecting a packet call with Easyterm my FT gives tx audio, but when I disconnect in Easyterm the FT897 TX refused to go in the RX mode. What am I doing wrong ? David Visser Holland
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