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Butch K8KO : 29.07.2018 00:53
I am using Win 10, soundmodem 1.0,easy term 0.39b. I am trying to set up LPT1 for PTT, but see no activity on pins 2 or 3 when sending packets. Pins 2 and 3 remain low. Device manager says it is a working ECP serial port. I have tried three "filter resource methods" and "enable PNP" with no success. How can I get PTT to work? Thank you, butch K8KO
jim g7icd : 30.06.2018 13:45
Hi Andrei have i got this set up right when i try to connect to a station on another port not a soundmodem port and it don't connect i get the prompt back saying GB105:G7ICD-8} Failure with G7ILL but if i use the soundmodem port i get UZ7HO} Failure with G7ILL And not the normal GB105:G7ICD-8} is it a setting i have missed or just the way it works thans jim de g7icd
Greg KI7ETS : 16.06.2018 03:03
For some reason, I am not getting the option to Set Mode to VHF AX25 1200 bd. Nothing to set to VHF. After re-starting the program it give me an error KISS port is busy! and it does nothing. Any ideas? Cheers! Greg KI7ETS
ANTONIO : 3.06.2018 19:10
Tks for your program. I has put de W-10 but the "color waterfull" not work , always in black. Help me please. Tks and 73
os1goe : 25.05.2018 11:10
hello sir, thank you very much for soundmodem software, but i have a few qustions, to get it operational, it seems i can not enter mycall in the ini.file, how does that work? and also if i use the com ports for tx, which pin of the comport is used as TX?.you can leave me a message o a bbs, my home bbs is nl3zze. ok keep up the good work, bye bye 73`s de oscar / os1goe
Dan@N7XDL : 20.05.2018 04:51
Thank you so much for developing a great S/W version of the TNC. I am just starting out in the Packet radio arena and am excited to have found your site. I am planning on using this for various races that are held here in Utah. Many times the requirement is to have packet radio comms... which up until now I didn't have. I have a SignaLink that I use for my HF rig (psk31), so I already have the sound card. I was just missing the TNC piece for Packet... which is what your SW solution now provides. THANKS!! AND 73's
Jim W8LI : 27.04.2018 16:41
Just wanted to say great job.Hope see you on the air.God bless Jim W8LI Paulo Antonio Ramirez : 17.04.2018 02:43 Cuidemos Los Bosques
Glen - KG5CEN : 11.04.2018 18:52
Writing to report possible bug in the Easyterm program. I watched a station attempt to leave an email message to my mailbox KG5CEN-3. The station issued the command "s kg5cen" to initiate sending a message. The terminal program immediately issued a disconnect. This occurred several times. I upgraded the soundmodem program to Version 1.00b, the terminal version was 0.39b. Should commands be in CAPS or is there a bug in the software?
Don, N4VIP : 13.03.2018 19:48
I am setting up a connection to a WinLink station using a Powerwerx DB-750X, Signalink USB, your UZ7HO soundmodem and Winlink Express. I can send a connection request via Winlink Express and see it on the UZ7HO screen and also see the return acknowledgement from the WL2K station (again on the UZ7HO screen). However, nothing shows up on the Winlink Express screen. It appears UZ7HO isn't talking on the 8100 Port? Any thoughts why? 73 de N4VIP
Jose - KP4BM : 6.01.2018 09:45
Andrei, thanks for providing the EasyTerm program. Is there a place where I can get the full line item details of the TERM.INI configuration file? Would really appreciate it.
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