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Clement, VU2CWO : 20.09.2022 10:24
Hi Andrei, I have installed Soundmodem on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS laptop. My rig is Yaesu FT-891 which has a USB port for CAT and shows two CAT ports on computer viz., /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1. Play On Linux has mapped com33 and com34 for these two ports. In the devices dialog, com1 to com32 is available but not com33 and com34. Can you please help? While conducting tests with a local ham here, he found that editing the .ini file makes it to work, but if the dialog is opened again, it goes back to 'none'. Thanks and 73 De Clement, VU2CWO.
Jutahariadi S : 18.09.2022 14:34
Dear Mr Andrei, Greeting from Bali, Indonesia. My name is Jutahariadi de YD9CKH. im need several soundmodem that it not available at this website. would you like to share it? please reply to my email. Thank you, 73 de YD9CKH
Nils : 15.09.2022 16:55
Hi Andrei, thank you very much for this great software. I've been using it since years and love it. One question: Would it be possible to add 1200bps for FSK-G3RUH? Delfi-PQ (launched in Jan 2022) uses it and it would be great to be able to receive it with your modem. Again thanks for everything and stay safe.
73 Andrey S. Kopanchuk FROM COLOMBIA HK1I
KD8DEY : 28.08.2022 11:40
73 OM
anatoly : 26.08.2022 21:28
Андрей приветтут dl8rcb к тебе есть вопрос по приему спутноков с твоим модемоом мой адресan4144@yandex.ru Danke
Merkouris : 23.08.2022 15:17
Hi Andrei, Thanks for your contribution to our hobby! I hope you are safe at these difficult times for your country. I have seen a few tweets mentioning or showing various custom versions of HS SoundModem which are not available at your web site or at the satellite operators sites. How can I get access to them? Is there a specific forum? Also, how can I offer you a beer? preferable with paypal. All the best, 73 de SV2HWM
Fran : 11.08.2022 16:11
Great web and good information. Thanks! 73 from Galicia NW Spain ;-)
CamperoK : 26.07.2022 14:29
Здраствуйте, очень нужна ваша консультация по АХ-25, спасибо, жду ответа.
Peter PD1KPS : 12.07.2022 23:15
Thanks for the soundmodem! it works (almost) perfect. I can't get it to remeber the center-frequency when use in dual mode. When i set modem A to 2000hz and modem B to 1700h and the next time i start it up both are at 1700hz. Can you fix this? '73 Peter de PD1KPS
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