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David Visser : 7.09.2023 18:01
Hi Andrei, Trying to work Packet HF 300 baud with your Soundmodem and Easyterm together with my FT897D and all working with Microham DXP tnc. Problem is: connecting a packet call with Easyterm my FT gives tx audio, but when I disconnect in Easyterm the FT897 TX refused to go in the RX mode. What am I doing wrong ? David Visser Holland
Ryan N5PZ : 16.08.2023 04:42
Love it! Using it with my Signalink USB, Yaesu 6000 and APRSIS32. My Digi/iGate works great!! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!
Laurence Whited : 10.08.2023 15:24
Andre, In almost every respect I love Soundmodem. The one real problem is when running a dual mode gateway, not being able to control the Soundmodem output is a real problem. VARA FM requires more output than Soundmodem so tweeking for balanced sound is less than optimal. Can you please fix the software so the App mixer slider works for Soundmodem. Then we can set the sound right for packet without lowering the sound level too low for VARA FM. This would be a great big help! Thanks
David Johnson : 17.07.2023 18:39
Hi Andrei. I cannot get Soundmodem to key PTT on my Xiegu G90 connected using a Digirig. I've tried selecting EXT from the drop-down list of ports then selecting the PnP device in the PTT.dll menu. Also tried just selecting the COM port corresponding to the PnP device. Neither works. Seems like others have been having similar problems. I know the Digirig is working because I can key PTT with Flrig. Your PTT.dll works OK with my UV5R and Yaesu HT radios.
Adrian de 2E0SDR : 15.07.2023 00:02
Hi Andrei, I would like to thank you for the work you have put in on the software that is available from your site. I am using both Easyterm & Soundmodem here in the UK, if it was not for you there would be very few options for packet left, especially as a lot of new interest in being shown in this great mode again here in the UK. Stay saymy friend and I wish you well and I hope I have the pleasure of a contact with you on the air sometime. 73's Adrian de 2E0SDR
Kent K9EZ : 9.07.2023 06:04
Thank you for your work on this software! I am running an Icom IC9100. I cant seem to get the software to key the transmitter. If I manually hit transmit, the audio gets transmitted. But never get the radio to key. I am using the PTT-DLL. What am I doing wrong Thank you!
Gavin : 29.06.2023 07:10
I managed to get an old XP machine running with TCP/IP driver from MixW, however I wasn't able to get it to work with SoundModem. It appears their AX25INet app requires a KISS serial connection to the sound card. I was able to get it to work with Direwolf using virtual com ports. Does SoundModem allow a KISS Serial Port to it or just TCP connections?
Gavin : 21.06.2023 04:49
Just getting in to sound card modems and experimenting with different transmission mediums, FM sound broadcast (licensed), 2.4GHz video senders with analogue audio channels etc... I was wondering if there exists a way to send TCP/IP over a software sound modem, if anyone has ever done that yet?
Stephen : 15.05.2023 17:40
Hi Andrei, I have just started to use Easyterm with QTsoundmodem and wondered if the MBX cna auto forward mail? and what are the purpose of the Bulletin and Traffic mail groups within the MBX? Great Software!! 73
G1WXC : 12.05.2023 00:29
Will down load it I’ve a signalink and a FT817ND
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