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Mike K7MJC : 8.02.2017 06:48
I am new with your software (UZ7HO)and new to digital. Do use signalink with FLDIGI with no problems, but am having problems with Packet Winlink. Can receive UZ7HO msgs, but can NOT send. Receive "SABM C P" and Disconnected msgs. Any ideas where my problem might be. Thanks K7MJC Mike
Harold KR0SIV : 26.01.2017 22:27
Just wanted to toss you a quick thanks for the soundmodem software. There is nothing quite like it.
kc8tzw : 5.01.2017 00:40
A fellow ham said check out ur site Love it
ki7ss. Lee : 3.01.2017 19:14
Hi! Thanks for this software. I do have a problem; Under Soundmodem 97 there's no choice for VHF AX25 1200... what should I use instead? Will AX25 1200 work? When I try to connect I can open a session, but then the session crashes.... Thanks! 73 Lee
John : 2.01.2017 00:04
Sound Modem works great! Thanks! I recommend it all the time. However, I could use a way to reverse the AFSK tones.
Andy UZ7HO : 31.12.2016 08:15
Hi Allen! Modes VHF AX.25 1200bd and HF AX.25 300bd renamed as AFSK AX.25 1200bd and AFSK AX.25 300bd since version 0.96.
Allen KF5UOL : 31.12.2016 03:41
I do hot have the vhf or uhf options in modems. It only has AFSX AX25 and BPSK AX25 (in different bauds). Is there an older version maybe? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
NC5O : 27.12.2016 17:07
Been using you program with CCW and been doing a very good job 73
Steven W. Galbraith : 23.12.2016 18:39
Hello, What a wonderful packet system. Back in the day when packet was real hot, I had a cross band system set up form hf to vhf packet. I have been using you software on both hf and vhf with great success. I was wondering , is there any way to set up a digi or node so folks can connect and then connect to another station form my station. Happy Holidays!! 73, Steve KB7ITU
Alexander DK5RE : 12.12.2016 20:43
Thank you for this great software! im using it with ft-857d, scu17, rms-express and ui-view32, it works great! 73 Alex DK5ER
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