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Alan : 22.02.2016 14:10
Hello my name is Alan, would you Can you change your app. that have can change the color of Background and the text color. 73 Qro thank you
Sven Grahn : 8.02.2016 22:18
Dear Andrei, I have recently seen your High Speed Modem nicely demodulating the GMSK 19200 baud signals from XW-2B. I am the project manager of a student satellite project (at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden) in which we plan to use a RC-BPSK transmitter at 19200 bps. Do you know any software that can demodulated that signal? You can check out our project here: https://mistsatellite.wordpress.com/ Best regards, Sven
Brian : 15.01.2016 21:56
Hi Andrei, I am testing Easyterm .37b to work as a BBS/Mailbox for a small radio club and I test it against UISS BBS. (I can't use UISS/BB because it requires keyboard acceptance of incoming). I get 50% fail to disconnect when requesting file list (L) & file read (R), whereas UISS provided 100% success under identical lab type conditions. Have you any ideas? Otherwise 0.37b is brilliant and just what I need, thank you - Brian ZS5SB
Juha OH7HJ : 20.12.2015 11:24
Downloaded you Soundmodem and Easyterm a while ago, to try them.
FRNOD : 25.10.2015 13:30
73s de FRNOD VIA FRA485
nl1nwb : 25.10.2015 12:42
Hello From Holland Greetz Wim ....... I ame talking to you at the moment. nl1wnb from nieuw buinen jo32lx your signal s6
Oliver vom Hofe ( DOP223 ) : 25.10.2015 12:02
Hallo Grüße aus Deutschland NRW Lünen 73 JO31SO Oliver
Ron : 8.09.2015 05:30
Does your sound modem software work in Linux? 73
DAB946 / 13RF946 : 7.08.2015 16:03
Hi Andrei! Thanks for nice QSO. See you in the air! 73, Ricardo
Juha : 7.08.2015 10:15
Thank you for Es scatter report, Andrei! I put online a screenshot about how the Es looked like here in North on the 'Ham Radar' 6 m TV band screen: http://www.oh7ab.fi/foorumi/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=295&start=90#p1691
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