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Rene : 3.12.2014 12:25
Hello and nice greetings from Germany my name is Rene and my call is DRS800 yesterday we had a short QSO, if you're on FACEBOOK I have been there a group that designed for packet radio ist.https: //www.facebook.com / groups / 136051293180135 / and a homepage I also http://packet-radio-nordost.de.tl/. to see you soon again 55/73
Bob : 19.08.2014 04:13
Andrei, Thanks so much for the most excellent Sound Modem program, as well as the 9600 version. Keep up the good work. Very Best to you and your family. Bob N6RFM
Sel : 28.04.2014 21:54
Is there a setup file for Easy Term Ver 0.26b?? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Regards, Sel [zs6ss]
RU4PN : 1.03.2014 19:34
Привет! Давно тебя не слышал. Как с тобой связаться?
Stephen Eagle : 8.01.2014 02:45
Thank you for the work on Soundmodem. Works great here at KB9IWS. Keep up the good work, sir.
Jason : 22.12.2013 23:49
73s from Texas, USA! www.grapevinehamradio.com
EW3DS : 25.10.2013 01:55
Любая работа сделанная с душой и любовью всегда принесет хороший результат. Андрей, спасибо тебе большое за отличный модем и терминал!
ON3DHC : 29.09.2013 20:05
Hi, On you tube I found a video explaining that DMR could work with the soundmodem. Is that true? I don't find any information on that. I'm looking for a way to have Hytera DMR to send APRS location to aprs2.net
Mineo JE9PEL : 23.09.2013 13:09
I hope the next version of Soundmodem_9k6. Thanks in advance.
Sander W1SOP : 31.08.2013 07:06
Hi, twice now I've had the UZ7HO modem stick in the PTT-on position. Both with version 45 and 49. Once with RMS Express and an interface program, the other time with aprsis32 using native sockets. I have a USB-3 by Microham which is very reliable and has never stuck the PTT open before. When I kill the soundmodem PTT is released so it appears the soundmodem keeps the COM port RTS high. How do I help debug this? With this problem the soundmodem can not be used and that would be a shame. I clicked on the email link elsewhere but nothing happened so I hope this works. Thanks, Sander W1SOP
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