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KYOHEI : 21.03.2015 07:33
Hello,Andy! Thanks for the nice programs, "UZ7HO"sound modem you made. Easy to handle and steady performance. 73, de JR2LLI
JR wb7wvo : 12.03.2015 05:42
I am looking for a program to decode an APRS burst that is coming over our repeater system, I have no APRS setup here, no signals but there is an unidentified signal we need to locate.. Maybe your programs will do it. I do not need to transmit, only to decode the burst. Looks like a great program. JR in Montana, USA
jess : 11.03.2015 21:57
73s de RF29FN region bretagne dept29 bonne reception de PGR1NN sur le canal 24 FM 1200bds a+++ jess
Juergen : 9.03.2015 21:56
Hello Andrey, thanks for the good work, great Software! vy 73 de DO6WAB Juergen - www.amateurfunkpraxis.de
Darko : 7.03.2015 19:29
Hello Andrei ! Great soft TNC with new modes! That remind me for "good old time" when I used Flexnet32. Is it possible to add NewQPSK (Q15X25) mode to your sw-TNC. Maybe AX25 is not good protocol for HF but I cant see any better "multi channel" and digipeater software. Thanks for great software !
Satheesh : 1.03.2015 11:36
Thank you for the nice software.. 73, de VU2WSM
Rene/CO2RVA : 18.02.2015 06:08
Buenos programas
Russ Tower : 16.02.2015 21:20
Hi Andy! Thank you for sharing your computer programming talent with ham radio operators allover the world! It is very much appreciated by all. I am a retired electronics technician, but unfortunately my computer programming talent does not extend beyond learning to program in Commodore Basic back in the 1980's HI Vy73, Russ Tower K1DOW Arcadia, FL NA
Bejoy : 11.02.2015 19:48
Hello, thanks for the nice software. I downloaded the 0.17b version and how do I select the 300-2400 baud rates? I see only the 9k6 and the 19k2 modes only in the Modem Type setting. 73s, de bejoy (vu3 boj)
K7MT Bill : 4.02.2015 05:20
Hi Andrei Bill in Helena, Mt. I am using a Signalink USB with a IC706MKIIG and your software 300 - 2400 baud and it works fine all baud rates. I downloaded the G3RUH 9600/19200 with same set up and cannot decode 9600 baud. I ask as Montana State University just two days ago had their Firebird CubeSat put into orbit and they downlink Data 19,200 on 70cm. Is there special setting for using the G3RUH with my Signalink Icom 706MKIIG at 9600 and 19200. Thanks and I love your software.
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