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Michael KC0TA : 28.11.2016 03:00
Thank you for your magnificent software. My main use is with Winlink Express. It saves me from needing to haul a hardware modem arond in my mobile. I use a simple USB soundcard and a USB - serial chip for PTT to work VHF digital during special event, ARES exercises and events. Many thanks. 73, de Mike, KC0TA
YY1CIR : 26.11.2016 19:41
Congrats for your work and support our hobby. 73:51 and 1k DX
Mac : 5.11.2016 05:08
Thank you for your work! Just getting started in soundcard packet.
William Ingram : 17.10.2016 04:59
Andy, thanks so much for building this software. Not sure why but it is so much faster than my TNC box. I just sent a Winlink email and received two of them in a total session time of 57 seconds! That would have taken 5-6 minutes via my TNC box connected to the same exact station. Thanks again, William, N5WOI.
KM4SNX : 15.10.2016 01:26
Thank you for the software!I have applied it with the Signalink and Winlink for VHF transmission. Works perfect! I am new to all this so my question is can this be done to UHF and also what about a 9600 baud rate for UHF/VHF?
flow : 8.10.2016 14:36
Hello, it's possible set a password in the agw interface? Softwares as ui-view can use a password for connect to the interface, and i think that this is a security option in remote scenarios.
Manuel Matos : 17.09.2016 21:18
Hello my friend, if you receive this message, please answerme 73s for you
Emile KE5QKR : 17.09.2016 20:15
Thank you for what you have done for HAM Radio with this software Andy. It is working flawlessly here from the local, radio connected PC, via AGWPE and KISS as well as being extended to remote PC and software's via TCP/IP networks. Nicely Done Andy! 73 de KE5QKR. Nice mailbox feature in the terminal as well!
Manfred : 29.08.2016 14:18
hello Andy, thank you very much for your good work. A question, please: How to use the calibration tool of soundmodem?
Andy UZ7HO : 17.08.2016 23:29
Hi YUsend! I have tried to send an e-mail to you, but got a report that "User unknown". Please provide your correct e-mail address.
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