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Manuel Matos : 17.09.2016 21:18
Hello my friend, if you receive this message, please answerme 73s for you
Emile KE5QKR : 17.09.2016 20:15
Thank you for what you have done for HAM Radio with this software Andy. It is working flawlessly here from the local, radio connected PC, via AGWPE and KISS as well as being extended to remote PC and software's via TCP/IP networks. Nicely Done Andy! 73 de KE5QKR. Nice mailbox feature in the terminal as well!
Manfred : 29.08.2016 14:18
hello Andy, thank you very much for your good work. A question, please: How to use the calibration tool of soundmodem?
Andy UZ7HO : 17.08.2016 23:29
Hi YUsend! I have tried to send an e-mail to you, but got a report that "User unknown". Please provide your correct e-mail address.
YUsend : 17.08.2016 23:06
Hello, we are having trouble getting response when we are trying to receive ax25 packet from hs_soundmodem, I wonder if the decoding is implemented?
bitri : 11.08.2016 23:34
Hello! Im testing soundmodem in XP with a cm108 soundcard. After a minutes, the scpu charge up to 99%!!! Also, te soft not able to close, for that, i need kill the process. The pc is a dualcore, not an old machine. Sorry for my english. Regards!
Kits : 6.08.2016 11:47
4*BPSK 100 FEC?
Juha : 21.06.2016 21:17
Hi Andrei! The Soundmodem is now receiving and running fine on the new remote EmCom repeater OH7RAC. I am working to set it as on igate. Which igate software you would suggest to use with it on Win XP? I already tried UIView, but it fails to register the call. I have been away from packet chat because both Tommi's and Jouko's servers have been offline for a month.
Tony : 28.05.2016 10:23
My Kantronics KPC3+ finally died. I sent it to Kantronics and they sent it back. Still not working. So I have decided to give your software TNC a try. I will be using it with my SignaLink USB sound card modem. Hope it works out OK for me. Thanks for the hard work and for giving us this amazing piece of Packet Radio Software. Sincerely, Tony KJ6YFY
wolfgang : 22.05.2016 15:30
hallo danke für qso cb7wo grüße aus sachsen waldheim mfg wolfgang
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