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Pietro : 28.03.2017 22:07
Hi Andrei ! I was looking for something else and found your very nice piece of software ! I'm trying to develop (in Delphi for windows) almost the same (audio)-decoder for a 1200 bps nautical system called DSC (Digital Selective Call) that use 1700Hz +/- 400Hz. It's quite a strange mode because it use a 10bit word length with correction. Question: what kind of software routine are you using to demodulate audio and retrieve data ? I would like to use a "modified Goertzel" algorithm but I'm just at the beginning. Please visit my page and let me know if you may assist in any way to my project. Thank you and 73' de HB9RXC Pietro ( hb9rxc.homeip.net )
Andy UZ7HO : 20.03.2017 02:58
Hi Gordon! You may see "KISS port busy" warning message when TCP/IP port in use by another server application. Try to find conflicting application or try to change the port number (by default is 8100 for KISS) in both applications (RMS-Express and Soundmodem).
Gordon : 19.03.2017 21:01
I consistently get the "KISS port is busy!" warning when I launch Soundmodem97. I'm trying to use it with a Signalink and RMS Express, and believe I have all the parameters set correctly for the programs. Any suggestions? 73, Gordon KF5JWL
Robert : 9.03.2017 10:12
Thanks for your help Andy SoundModem 97 now works great less than 24 Hrs after my first post!It was a matter of putting together the components correctly and downloading the latest version. A stand along AX25 HF/VHF program is exactly what I wanted.Easy to read,easy to tune, a real winner, thanks again, Robert
Robert : 8.03.2017 05:30
Downloaded Soundmodem can't get it to work. Using XP a soundmax soundcard, DigiBlaster Nomic, IC-735. I'm stumped, no RX no TX not new to soundcard packet,using many soundcard programs for digital including MULTIPSK. Is UIVIEW needed as well? I have UIVIEW as well but??.Read the documentation many times not getting this at all,feeling challenged after using packet for 15 yrs.
Dave W7BOT : 1.03.2017 11:15
Hi Andrei. Excellent software. SoundModem has allowed me to get rid of my SignalLink and use your SW-only solution. Well done, keep up the good work. I tried to make a donation. Clicking the 'Email Me' link redirects me to a blank page. Could you check the link? 73s, Seattle
Gerald Place : 19.02.2017 18:21
Been trainiong on a digital net and found it works really well on vhf. I have connected to a couple of bulletin boards with no problem using my kenwood ts-2000 and signal link usb. Would be nice if iot could work with a linux distro. All in all very pleased. Gerry kd8rfo 73
Lars : 12.02.2017 12:15
...really good job, not bad...wow! Thanks for this amazing project. 73 Lars (DJ3BO)
Mike K7MJC : 8.02.2017 06:48
I am new with your software (UZ7HO)and new to digital. Do use signalink with FLDIGI with no problems, but am having problems with Packet Winlink. Can receive UZ7HO msgs, but can NOT send. Receive "SABM C P" and Disconnected msgs. Any ideas where my problem might be. Thanks K7MJC Mike
Harold KR0SIV : 26.01.2017 22:27
Just wanted to toss you a quick thanks for the soundmodem software. There is nothing quite like it.
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