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NC5O : 27.12.2016 17:07
Been using you program with CCW and been doing a very good job 73
Steven W. Galbraith : 23.12.2016 18:39
Hello, What a wonderful packet system. Back in the day when packet was real hot, I had a cross band system set up form hf to vhf packet. I have been using you software on both hf and vhf with great success. I was wondering , is there any way to set up a digi or node so folks can connect and then connect to another station form my station. Happy Holidays!! 73, Steve KB7ITU
Alexander DK5RE : 12.12.2016 20:43
Thank you for this great software! im using it with ft-857d, scu17, rms-express and ui-view32, it works great! 73 Alex DK5ER
Michael KC0TA : 28.11.2016 03:00
Thank you for your magnificent software. My main use is with Winlink Express. It saves me from needing to haul a hardware modem arond in my mobile. I use a simple USB soundcard and a USB - serial chip for PTT to work VHF digital during special event, ARES exercises and events. Many thanks. 73, de Mike, KC0TA
YY1CIR : 26.11.2016 19:41
Congrats for your work and support our hobby. 73:51 and 1k DX
Mac : 5.11.2016 05:08
Thank you for your work! Just getting started in soundcard packet.
William Ingram : 17.10.2016 04:59
Andy, thanks so much for building this software. Not sure why but it is so much faster than my TNC box. I just sent a Winlink email and received two of them in a total session time of 57 seconds! That would have taken 5-6 minutes via my TNC box connected to the same exact station. Thanks again, William, N5WOI.
KM4SNX : 15.10.2016 01:26
Thank you for the software!I have applied it with the Signalink and Winlink for VHF transmission. Works perfect! I am new to all this so my question is can this be done to UHF and also what about a 9600 baud rate for UHF/VHF?
flow : 8.10.2016 14:36
Hello, it's possible set a password in the agw interface? Softwares as ui-view can use a password for connect to the interface, and i think that this is a security option in remote scenarios.
Manuel Matos : 17.09.2016 21:18
Hello my friend, if you receive this message, please answerme 73s for you
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