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anatoly : 26.08.2022 21:28
Андрей приветтут dl8rcb к тебе есть вопрос по приему спутноков с твоим модемоом мой адресan4144@yandex.ru Danke
Merkouris : 23.08.2022 15:17
Hi Andrei, Thanks for your contribution to our hobby! I hope you are safe at these difficult times for your country. I have seen a few tweets mentioning or showing various custom versions of HS SoundModem which are not available at your web site or at the satellite operators sites. How can I get access to them? Is there a specific forum? Also, how can I offer you a beer? preferable with paypal. All the best, 73 de SV2HWM
Fran : 11.08.2022 16:11
Great web and good information. Thanks! 73 from Galicia NW Spain ;-)
CamperoK : 26.07.2022 14:29
Здраствуйте, очень нужна ваша консультация по АХ-25, спасибо, жду ответа.
Peter PD1KPS : 12.07.2022 23:15
Thanks for the soundmodem! it works (almost) perfect. I can't get it to remeber the center-frequency when use in dual mode. When i set modem A to 2000hz and modem B to 1700h and the next time i start it up both are at 1700hz. Can you fix this? '73 Peter de PD1KPS
KM6HK : 11.06.2022 20:31
Thank youu so much for your fine software. My very best wishes for your and your noble fight for freedom. we have an expression: "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Thank you for taking on the fight, You will triumph !!!
AF4FA Al : 26.05.2022 22:23
Andrei, I am having a problem getting my ICOM IC7100 to transmit. I do not see a way to tell the program to use FM-D as the radio mode that the 7100 requires. Is there a way to put a command in the .ini file for this. Long live free Ukraine! 73 de Al AF4FA
Brian : 26.04.2022 17:00
Thank you for your contributions to the radio community! I hope you are safe. Long live free Ukraine!!!
Patrick : 20.04.2022 19:42
I see the sound-modem as a very good interface for a successful operation.
James : 12.04.2022 12:53
I hope you and your family are safe. Slava Ukraini!
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