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Frank OLaughlin : 26.02.2022 20:17
My prayers for you Andrei and your nation....May God Watch over all of you.....73 Frank WQ1O
Александр : 22.02.2022 13:20
Как правильно настроить ваш Модем UZ7HO с программой APRSIS32 чтобы можно было посылать сообщения в эфир?
Don Lewis : 20.02.2022 05:38
Andrei, when I was having difficulty originally, I think you had me change the port from 8000 to 8010 but neither work. Was some time ago so I may not remember correctly. Anyway, my packet system has stopped working. I have an IBM Thinkpad, Windows 10, SoundModem Ver 1.13. EasyTerm Ver 0.39. I am receiving data but it does not seem to get to the Audio Codec for transmit. Any ideas would be helpful. Be careful there, thank you, Don KE0EE
Dan Rasmussen : 24.01.2022 12:11
Hi Anrei, My name is Dan Rasmussen and I am an American amateur radio enthusiast currently in Ukraine. I am out of practice but have used packet radio in the past for a near space balloon project (with only a 300 mW transmitter). https://makezine.com/projects/near-space-balloon-cam-with-arduino-and-aprs-radio/ My call sign is KB1NJW. Sadly I have not been on the air in years. I am quite interested in getting packet radio working while I am here in Ukraine as an emergency backup means of communication should there be an unexpected interruption in standard comms. Unfortunately I do not have much in the way of equipment. I would need a modem and a small rig. I have windows and macintosh laptops available to me (along with windows and Linux VMs on my mac). I am Kyiv and will be here until mid march probably. Can you put me in touch with someone in Kyiv that may be able to help me find the equipment. Used is fine. As I understand it, I am able to get permission to get on the air in Ukraine. Do you have any information on how I may be able to do this?
Joe : 20.01.2022 21:30
Hello again Thank you fir soundmodem. Really love it. May be repeat question but can soundmodem be used with lan-link to replace external modem. Thank you Joe. w7ep
ANTONIO : 29.12.2021 15:01
Hola Andrei. Muchisimas gracias por tu programa que ya utilizo hace mucho tiempo. visita mi WEB y me conoceras mejor: http://ea2ab.ure.es. 73 y QRV 29-12-2021 14:00
KO4HYC : 24.12.2021 20:40
Does SoundModem work on Windows 11?
it9dac : 22.12.2021 15:35
Come disistallare il soundmodem27 ?
Lot : 14.12.2021 07:43
I am using the CM108 USB soundcard and I can't find the PTT HID device on the EXT Settings. Nothing comes up on the drop down. I already have the PTT.dll file. The USB CM108 soundcard works on Vara-FM and PTT works but not on the UZ7HO soundmodem. We are promoting Packet Radio in the Philippines and CM108 USB soundcards are the ones mostly available and easy to modify. Any help will be very much appreciated. 73 de Lot / k6irf Mabuhay!
Duane N6DMR : 6.12.2021 03:20
Enjoying the Soundmodem program. I am getting an occasional message that the AGW Port is already active. My work around is to close my APRSISCE program and set the Soundmodem device to a different audio connection and then close Soundmodem. After I open Soundmodem again, I can set the device to my USD Audio Codecs and then open APRSISCE. Am I missing a setup step to prevent this happening?
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