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Pavel - SK4PB : 30.08.2018 12:05
Very good and simple software for Packet Radio! we thank you! 73!
Todd-WA7FOX : 26.08.2018 00:08
having an issue with " Unable to open TCP"in winlink. I'm missing a step here some place. I am looking again
Butch K8KO : 29.07.2018 00:53
I am using Win 10, soundmodem 1.0,easy term 0.39b. I am trying to set up LPT1 for PTT, but see no activity on pins 2 or 3 when sending packets. Pins 2 and 3 remain low. Device manager says it is a working ECP serial port. I have tried three "filter resource methods" and "enable PNP" with no success. How can I get PTT to work? Thank you, butch K8KO
jim g7icd : 30.06.2018 13:45
Hi Andrei have i got this set up right when i try to connect to a station on another port not a soundmodem port and it don't connect i get the prompt back saying GB105:G7ICD-8} Failure with G7ILL but if i use the soundmodem port i get UZ7HO} Failure with G7ILL And not the normal GB105:G7ICD-8} is it a setting i have missed or just the way it works thans jim de g7icd
Greg KI7ETS : 16.06.2018 03:03
For some reason, I am not getting the option to Set Mode to VHF AX25 1200 bd. Nothing to set to VHF. After re-starting the program it give me an error KISS port is busy! and it does nothing. Any ideas? Cheers! Greg KI7ETS
ANTONIO : 3.06.2018 19:10
Tks for your program. I has put de W-10 but the "color waterfull" not work , always in black. Help me please. Tks and 73
os1goe : 25.05.2018 11:10
hello sir, thank you very much for soundmodem software, but i have a few qustions, to get it operational, it seems i can not enter mycall in the ini.file, how does that work? and also if i use the com ports for tx, which pin of the comport is used as TX?.you can leave me a message o a bbs, my home bbs is nl3zze. ok keep up the good work, bye bye 73`s de oscar / os1goe
Dan@N7XDL : 20.05.2018 04:51
Thank you so much for developing a great S/W version of the TNC. I am just starting out in the Packet radio arena and am excited to have found your site. I am planning on using this for various races that are held here in Utah. Many times the requirement is to have packet radio comms... which up until now I didn't have. I have a SignaLink that I use for my HF rig (psk31), so I already have the sound card. I was just missing the TNC piece for Packet... which is what your SW solution now provides. THANKS!! AND 73's
Jim W8LI : 27.04.2018 16:41
Just wanted to say great job.Hope see you on the air.God bless Jim W8LI Paulo Antonio Ramirez : 17.04.2018 02:43 Cuidemos Los Bosques
Glen - KG5CEN : 11.04.2018 18:52
Writing to report possible bug in the Easyterm program. I watched a station attempt to leave an email message to my mailbox KG5CEN-3. The station issued the command "s kg5cen" to initiate sending a message. The terminal program immediately issued a disconnect. This occurred several times. I upgraded the soundmodem program to Version 1.00b, the terminal version was 0.39b. Should commands be in CAPS or is there a bug in the software?
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