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Michael DL5OCD : 13.09.2020 22:32
Hi Andy, it works great, very sensitive even on short wave (300). 73 de Michael
Eberhard DL3ZID : 31.08.2020 10:53
Hola Juan Marcelo pse try use WINE in ubuntu. wine@debian works fine
Juan marcelo : 9.08.2020 08:06
Hola . Hace poco empece; con satelites y observe que la iss tenia el packet en funcionamiento. Llegue a tu pagina buscando informacion y me intereso el soundmodem aunque mi sistema operativo de la computadora es linux . Especificamente la distribucion Ubuntu. Igualmente gracias por compartir conocimiento. LW2EJR desde Argentina. 73 Hello. Discover you web page searching iss packet information. I like the soundmodem packet system .but my OS is not windows,is Ubuntu linux but appreciate your interesting to mode of communication. I see you soon . 73s from Argentina . LW2EJR
Juan marcelo : 9.08.2020 07:58
Hola . Hace poco empecé con satélites y observé que la iss tenía el packet en funcionamiento. Llegué a tu página buscando información y me interesó el soundmodem aunque mi sistema operativo de la computadora es linuzx . Específicamente la distribución Ubuntu. Igualmente gracias por compartir conocimiento. LW2EJR desde Argentina. 73
Sam : 5.08.2020 10:29
Dear Andy Thanks for your soft ware I am trying to make a automatic beacon using your easyterm software Please help me on python I am not able see the information on the beacon button Thanks Sampath
David Phenes : 31.07.2020 03:28
Thanks for the qso Andy! N2YEM
RALPH WARD : 28.07.2020 02:36
Thanks for a great product W5RMW
W3ISR Alan : 27.07.2020 22:18
Greetings Andrei... I have been using SoundModem (V1.05) flawlessly for the past few months. Then I started to get the error message "Error opening wave input device (device ID out of range)" upon starting the application. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the COM and audio device drivers with no success. Any suggestions? Thank you. 73
Jean-Paul : 15.06.2020 15:54
Hi Andy, tnx for your new version of soundmodem. I will try to translate the news, hope to meet you a next time. My site www.f8bmb.eu, and soundmodem is active for BBS Packet at F8BMB-8 on hamnet or F8BMB.FR... Bye
Jeff : 15.05.2020 17:10
I have been working with your SoundModem program, version 1.05, for a few days. I use it in conjunction with your EasyTerm program to get into packet radio. I run it on a Windows 10 computer with the latest updates. I have discovered a consistent and recreatable issue involving the ability of SoundModem to operate after the computer comes out of lock mode. For a couple days, I would leave SoundModem and EasyTerm running so I can monitor local packet traffic. My computer goes into scheduled lock mode after 15 minutes or so, that is if I don't immediately lock it when I leave the keyboard. My computer runs 24/7 and does not go into sleep mode or anything. However, after I log back in from the lock screen and then try to transmit from EasyTerm with the still running SoundModem, my radio doesn't key up at all. I use a Signalink as my sound card interface. I tried only restarting EasyTerm when the issue first came up, thinking that was the problem, but it would still fail. I discovered that its only when I close and reload SoundModem that it allows me to transmit again. I even tried sending packet information when it is working, then lock the computer, immediately get back out of lock mode, then try transmitting packet right away and it would fail. Restarting SoundModem fixes it again. That's why I believe it's an issue with SoundModem being able to recover fully from lock mode. I don't know if anyone else reported similar findings, but I wanted to let you know since I can't find any details about a similar issue on your web page.
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