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Слава : 19.10.2012 17:05
Андрей ! Мне необходимо задать Вам вопрос по X25. Ответьте, пожалуйста по eMail: ra3qdp@mail.ru
YURI, RK1AT : 19.10.2012 14:16
Andrey, thank you for the fine program-sound-modem. I wish you good luck! 73!
Ben KF7VZR : 7.09.2012 00:52
Thank you for your work and for sharing your amazing soft TNC! It works wonderfully.
Peter : 4.09.2012 20:48
Андрей, спасибо за хорошую программу! Все отлично работает. Можно ли в будущих версиях добавить возможность декодирования raw пакетов in plain English. Как, например, здесь http://goo.gl/s1Vgu и выбор представления (RAW/Decoded) в меню View.
Henk : 1.06.2012 17:37
TNX for the soundmodem program. Any chance we get DDE support AGW compatible for Winpack and other packet programs which are using this? All the best and 73 from the Netherlands. Henk de PD5DP
Russ : 23.05.2012 00:38
Thank you for your fine sound card packet modem program, Andrei. I have it installed and it it displaying data already from 300B packet on 14 Mhz. I have yet to figure out how to enter my call letters? Soon I hope. hi hi.. 73/Russ
Владимир : 17.05.2012 15:21
Привет,Андрей!Нет ли в Ваших архивах программы Yaesu.com? Её написал кто-то из 9-го района Об этом я знаю из сообщения покойного UA3CR.
Tom : 10.05.2012 16:23
I am here for the first time. I have heard many nice things about your software and I look foward to trying them. Tnx for all the Great work. 73 de Tom - New Jersey
John : 6.05.2012 05:16
Hey! I helped a buddy install your program on his windows computer and it worked amazing! Do you think you could make a Mac OS X version for all of us apple users? Thanks!
John : 4.05.2012 17:16
Andrei, thank you for a great program. The soundcard decoder works great, much better than anything else that I've tried. I like the ability to move the Mark/Space tones. It works well with the UISS program. Keep up the good work 73, John
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