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John Moore W4JHM : 27.04.2020 18:32
Hi Andrei, I'm using HS Soundmodem for 9600 bps satellite contacts. It is working very well, but setting the correct amount of TX deviation is difficult. Is there a way to get the "calibration" tool in HS Soundmodem like there is in Soundmodem? Thank you, John
ORLANDO PU7ORD : 23.04.2020 04:18
Very good! Tnahk you!
Maximiliano Ozono : 23.04.2020 03:19
Hi, first of all thanks for your work. I'm trying to use your soundmodem with the decoder for 1KUNS-PF developed by DK3WN, however I can't see how to use the data demodulated by your program, since other programs requiere it in a CSV/KISS or even plaintext with an specific format. Is there an easy way to decode the data and generate the input files that these programs need? Im not a HAM operator, just a researcher. THank you.
Rich Smith : 19.04.2020 01:02
Will this software ever be able to transmit? It looks like it is the works. I would have to guess this is s future feature? Any idea when that might be implemented?
Bruce R Finley : 18.04.2020 05:00
Hello all i am having problems with low receive level .. with my FT 991A winmor im using .. on the tnc picture where water fall scrolling at top low audio not in green how can i fix this .. please help thank you
Bruce R Finley : 16.04.2020 05:21
Hi Andy this is Bruce N2TFX , i got winlink set up .. just cant find a station to connect to.. was wondering i have a PKC3 Tnc , thinking about connecting that up.. can you lead me in the right directions to get that running .software ect .. im going to use a yaeau Ft2980 or a 2400 for vhf thanks again. cant get any help local 73 Bruce
Pawel Kiniski : 14.04.2020 16:42
Hi Andrei. I want to build my own transmitter. As receiver I would use Your's software Soundmodem v1.05. Can You tell me, how did You calculate FCS field in AX.25 message? Regards, Paul
bernard F6BVP : 11.04.2020 18:46
Hi Andrei, This is Bernard F6BVP in Paris a long time Packet radio and satellite user. Presently I am involved into radio telescope F4KLO rehabilitation. Together than monitoring Galaxy hydrogen signal we also listen to SARSAT satellites transponders that transmit emergency messages from distress beacons on L band. The beacon we monitor and would like to decode is using BPSK 2400 bauds bauds on 1544,5 MHz from SARP module. I tried using your three soundmodem versions. hs_soudmodem looks the more likely to decode BPSK 2400 bauds. I don't remember the specificity of James Miller G3RUH modem specificity and I wonder if your implementation could be used to decode BPSK data stream at 2400 bauds. Additionaly I did not find 400 bauds BPSK on your software. It could be useful in order to decode geostationnary amateur QO-100 satellite 400 bauds PSK beacon AO40 compatible. However AO40Rcv.exe can be used for this one. 73 de Bernard, f6bvp https://radiotelescopelavillette.wordpress.com/
Bruce N2TFX : 11.04.2020 05:39
Anderi, Hi I ave been searching for help getting back on digital communications like packet radio, can you help be with what do i need to purchase for a TNC , I am running a Yaesu Ft-991A radio , i just ordered the Data cable that this radio calls for .. thank you Bruce
DL3ZID : 6.04.2020 12:05
Hi Andrei a simple and easy to use program. run stable from WinXP until WINE@debian-linux. A question. is it possible to construkt a Soundmodem for e.g. DominoEX ? Greetings from Eberhard
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