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Ilkka OH3NJC : 18.07.2015 11:08
Fine software! Another vote for Q15X25 a.k.a. NewQPSK. A very decent HF waveform for packet radio. The source can be found for instance in Debian package "soundmodem (0.18-1)"
Florian : 16.05.2015 22:55
Hello Andrei, first of all thank you very much for your nice working software with 300-2400bauds. Now I have tested your new program with 9600 bauds but it is not possible to decode the incoming signals. I receive the signals in the waterfall very well but no decoding. What can I do? Pls let me know. Vy 73 de Florian SWL Germany
Jacob Sihasale : 2.05.2015 04:04
Nice info on your web, tnx 73
KYOHEI : 21.03.2015 07:33
Hello,Andy! Thanks for the nice programs, "UZ7HO"sound modem you made. Easy to handle and steady performance. 73, de JR2LLI
JR wb7wvo : 12.03.2015 05:42
I am looking for a program to decode an APRS burst that is coming over our repeater system, I have no APRS setup here, no signals but there is an unidentified signal we need to locate.. Maybe your programs will do it. I do not need to transmit, only to decode the burst. Looks like a great program. JR in Montana, USA
jess : 11.03.2015 21:57
73s de RF29FN region bretagne dept29 bonne reception de PGR1NN sur le canal 24 FM 1200bds a+++ jess
Juergen : 9.03.2015 21:56
Hello Andrey, thanks for the good work, great Software! vy 73 de DO6WAB Juergen - www.amateurfunkpraxis.de
Darko : 7.03.2015 19:29
Hello Andrei ! Great soft TNC with new modes! That remind me for "good old time" when I used Flexnet32. Is it possible to add NewQPSK (Q15X25) mode to your sw-TNC. Maybe AX25 is not good protocol for HF but I cant see any better "multi channel" and digipeater software. Thanks for great software !
Satheesh : 1.03.2015 11:36
Thank you for the nice software.. 73, de VU2WSM
Rene/CO2RVA : 18.02.2015 06:08
Buenos programas
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