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Manfred : 16.12.2017 09:08
Hi, has anyone succeeded in decoding BPSK 1200bd? i.e. a sample from funcube http://pa3weg.nl/funcube/recordings/FUNcube%20EM%20recording%20-%20Strong%20signal.mp3 2. have I the same question as James, AE7TF, about the [+++] thing. Thanks a lot.
Martin HB9AUR : 29.11.2017 11:19
Hi Andy, We are now using your soundmodem instead of a TNC box at our WINLINK RMS HB9AK-1, offering 5(!) different modulations simultaneously on the same TRX. There are 3 instances of soundmodem running. We are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of your SW. Thank you very much for making it available to the HAM community.
Alf : 21.11.2017 01:00
i like your web page looking for information on the mag loop? cheers Alf de vk2gap.
Peter, OE5RPP : 2.11.2017 22:26
Hello Thanks for the excellent program EasyTerm and Soundmodem. Perhaps there is the possibility to make another function in EasyTerm, namely, that it is possible a file which is constantly renewed in the PC (for example, always the current weather from an automatic weather station) is available to all. When retrieving, the stored file (text file) must always be taken. 73 de Peter, OE5RPP
Dan : 15.10.2017 22:42
Good evening. I want tell about 4PSK100 FEC Could you tell me, how I have to do receiving part step by step. Thank you.
James, AE7TF : 3.10.2017 19:27
I'm using SoundModem 0.97b and have some questions: 1. In the monitor window, with a received packet, there is a [+++] after the received time stamp. Sometimes the +'s are -'s or #'s. What is the meaning of the various characters? 2. In the Settings:Devices window, there are settings for TX Rotation, Single channel output and Stop waterfall on minimize. I don't see on other sites consistent recommondations for these settings. Does Stop waterfall just reduce the CPU load when the window is minimized? What does TX Rotation do? Thank you, James
Don Evilsizor : 2.10.2017 04:57
Andrei, Great to see that you logged into the Packet Chat mode earlier. I am usually on that option Sunday evenings. You or anyone else are always welcome. I work different modes & nets. Am not a big DX'er or contester, just radio traffic nets & radiograms. I am always interested in gardens & farms around the world. HF Radio gear am using most of the time is a Kenwood TS-480HX & Kenwood TS-590 on voice or digital modes. My primary antennas are a 80M dipole & G5RV. Andrei you have a nice station along with the beam plus other antennas. Also other email is donqwc@yahoo.com CUL 73
Andy UT1ZZ : 30.08.2017 19:16
Тезка, спасибо за связь на двойке! Портативка и 35 метров над землей. 73 from KO61VH
SQ9MDD Rysiek : 27.08.2017 21:41
Hi andy great job with EasyTerm. I have a question. Is possible to enable digipeating in easyterm? I would like to connect to my friend via other station with easyterm.
Martin : 24.08.2017 12:57
Andy, Just made some tests with your modem using WINLINK Express. Works really well, also with double and triple bit rates (2400, 3600). WA8LMF writes, your SW can work as standalone digipeater. Can you tell me how to configure it for digipeating? Thanks a lot for your great work.
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