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Mike, VE3KOY : 6.04.2012 01:45
Hi: Just downloaded your program. Will reply later. Thanks! Mike.
Damir : 6.04.2012 01:28
Hi Andrej.Tnx for excelent perfomance of yours SC modem.I have tested the most on HF,40/20m,greatresults.Next week going again to /MM on the line Fare East-Japan.73
jim maloney : 28.02.2012 18:42
hi andy after trying your soundmodem works right out of the box craping agw its running great on vhf thousand times better than the orther congrats on your work with this program very very pleased de m3ahq uk
Thierry F-14314 : 6.01.2012 19:06
Hi Andrei, thanks to Ralph NM5RM, I know use Soundmodem instead of AGWPE and my problem about the fact I was oblige to select the second soudncar in Windows audio device manager when I wanted to receive APRS is gone ! Now I can use a lot of different decoding software (mmsstv, multipsk, wxtoimg and ui-view) without changing anything when I switch from one of them to another. I'm using Windows 7 Pro x86 and I will enjoy to try new version to improve your already excelent software. Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you want. 73 de Thierry, a french SWL
ozkan..ta7i : 29.12.2011 13:39
my use the sound modem with the fbb good pretty tough performance no problems 73.. tnx
Philip G7JUR : 28.12.2011 00:11
Hi Aadrei. Many thanks for Sound Card Modem. Works really well. I use it for Packet, and APRS. Works better than AGWPE PRO. 73 Philip
VE3NFK : 11.12.2011 17:05
Thanks Andrei for the soundcard software... glad to have APRS working again. 73 John
Don : 9.12.2011 00:01
Great software! Wondering if the ini can be edited to include bcall, unproto, quality and minqual?
john rader : 4.12.2011 18:46
Thanks for the sound modem will try it today.
ON4BAG : 3.12.2011 23:20
Program works perfect (V 0.36) Installation/config < 5 minutes Using Digikeyer + UI View Congrats with your superb program Keep up the good work Regards from Belgium Guido ON4BAG 73
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