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Dave G2DS : 5.02.2020 08:00
Hi there, Great software by the way, really useful! Just moved over to V1.5 this week and having problems with the program waterfall stopping every few hours. Do you have any idea what might be causing this, or have a link back to the old V1.05 or last version please? Regards, Dave.
Robert Kalkwarf K7AU : 4.02.2020 20:47
Andrei, AQuick note to thankyou for the Elecraft CAT support in Soundmodem 1.05 I just configured it for my KX3 to support CAT control for WinLink Packet ops on VHF. Flawless in all respects. Yay ! 73 Bob k7au Lacey, Wa Sysop K7IF
Daniel F4HYX : 28.01.2020 12:54
Andrei, could you explain the [AN] symbols in HSSOUNDMODEM. Thank you. 73's
Bart : 25.01.2020 17:13
Greetings Andrei: I have been using Soundmodem (ver 1.05) with Winlink Express on windows computers for some time. I'm attempting to get it to work on Ubuntu running it using the Crossover app. Both Winlink Express and Soundmodem are running fine. Soundmodem seems to be receiving as when I turn the squelch off I see the result in the waterfall. However, when I try to connect the Signalink PTT is not actuated and the radio is not keyed up. The Ubuntu sound setting have the same device (PCM2906C Audio CODEC)specified for input and output. Volumes are set at 100%. I've tried varying the SignaLink TX level but it makes no difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated. P.S. My grandfather (father's father) emigrated from Ukraine in 1905. Don't know exactly where from, but supposedly somewhere near Kiyv.
Daniel F4HYX : 21.01.2020 11:31
Hello Andrei, tell me differences between GMSK AAUSAT4 9600bd and GMSK GOMX3 9600bd ? Build an universal GMSK 9600bd is not possible ? Thank you. 73's
Sarah Rogers : 7.01.2020 23:09
Hi, Andrei, I am working on a ground station at Arizona State University, and I am trying to practice decoding packets from a GOMSpace AX100 transceiver, which transmits AX.25 GMSK G3RUH packets at 9600 baud and with the KISS protocol.  I downloaded the hs soundmodem, and while I can detect packets, I am not able to decode them. I noticed that the GMSK 9600 baud options correspond to different satellites. Are these structured to only decode the signals from these satellites specifically? Or should I be able to decode signals from any satellite transmitting at the specifications mentioned above? I'm not sure if I have just not set things up correctly, or if the hs soundmodem is not the right software for us to use. I should add that we have a working setup using the ICOM 9100 and a KP-9612+ TNC, which can decode our packets, but we would like to figure out a more universal setup to allow others to listen to our transceiver using an SDR and other software platforms. Any advice you have here would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,Sarah Rogers
Don : 21.12.2019 16:27
Have a great Christmas! Don
Daniel F4HYX : 15.12.2019 16:54
Hello, what is the signification of the [+++] symbols or - # ? Thank you. 73's
Gary : 15.12.2019 16:03
Thank You for your energy and fine work.
Frank - M0AEU : 28.11.2019 15:24
Hello! Thanks for connecting to my Node... We're only just getting back into packet here after 25 years, and first time on HF packet... So my apologies for any errors/problems... Hope to connect with you again. 73 de Frank
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