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Don Lewis : 1.08.2019 04:12
When I try to access our BBS this is the exchange. What should happen after the BBS sends the RR? 1:Fm KE0EE To W0IA-10 [19:06:14T] 1:Fm W0IA-10 To KE0EE [19:06:18R] [+++] 1:Fm KE0EE To W0IA-10 [19:06:20T] 1:Fm W0IA-10 To KE0EE [19:06:24R] [+++] 1:Fm KE0EE To W0IA-10 [19:06:25T]
Jon : 25.07.2019 00:18
Is there a way in the program to control the RTS line. Currently it is a high level. Can it be inverted? I am using a USB to 232 converter. 73
Kyle : 23.06.2019 23:03
Amazing people still do this. Very cool. Someone come play radio chess with me
TOM LUTZ : 15.04.2019 00:48
great program works great. are there any updates since 101 for windows? thanks kd8fjm tom
Ruedi Fehlmann : 20.03.2019 16:51
Hello Andrei, I'm looking for the UZ7HO Soundmodem ver. 0.97b software.Unfortunately I find only the hs_ soundmodem.21zip Can you please send me the link.Thank you. Greetings Ruedi
Richard Holtman : 19.02.2019 14:32
i found some online guidance, and have it working for my needs. Thanks!
Richard Holtman : 18.02.2019 17:23
I would like to know more about how to use easyterm - how to connect to Soundmodem so I can see the stations heard (MHEARD?). Then I would know the nearby active digipeater nodes that it would be possible to connect to, and from there reach RMS Gateways with Winlink. Thank you from the State of Illinois in the USA!
Gerd : 14.02.2019 21:05
Hi Andrei, I programmed my RS41 with the Software of OM3BC and it works very fine. But I'm not abel to decode the Signal. I'm using HDSDR and with the RS41 Tracker i can receive and decode the original Signals of a RS41. To decode the APRS date or the RTTY date i tried a lot of Programs with Input per soundcard but nothing works. I saw you're using Fldigi and I tried, but do not know how to config to decode the data. Always got sensless data. Please tell me the right configuration parameters. I'm desperate!
Sacha Tholl : 14.02.2019 17:32
Hi, I would like to know how Easyterm comunicate with soundmodem, in order to be able to implement TX of AFSK-Messages directly in our Satellite commanding software. Why: We would like to directly send commands from our application to soundmodem (AFSK 1200 bauds) in order to get it modulated.
Randall : 14.02.2019 09:46
Can you email me please. About Soundmodem. Having issues. Thanks
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