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Sacha Tholl : 14.02.2019 17:32
Hi, I would like to know how Easyterm comunicate with soundmodem, in order to be able to implement TX of AFSK-Messages directly in our Satellite commanding software. Why: We would like to directly send commands from our application to soundmodem (AFSK 1200 bauds) in order to get it modulated.
Randall : 14.02.2019 09:46
Can you email me please. About Soundmodem. Having issues. Thanks
Nick : 3.02.2019 17:03
Fantastic program and easy to use and setup. I want to also try it at faster speeds with local stations on 2 meters which be interesting to try! I would also love it as one program all intergraded in one which would be a great idea (if it could be done). 73 Nick England
Jim Gatwood : 19.01.2019 06:37
Andrei, What is easy term written in? I am wondering about porting to Android so Android has a terminal for kiss mode TNC's. Mail me if interested.
нет PTT : 17.01.2019 08:36
Андрей, приветствую! Saundmodem не включает передачу на Com порт для программы APRS Messenger. В настройке номер порта PTT ставлю. Пакеты HF принимаются. Использую внешнюю звуковую карту RigExpert. Хочу наладить Beacon на передачу psk-63. С уважением Андрей Розов US5WAC,73!
Bart, N5BLP : 8.01.2019 22:42
Greetings, Andrei. You have written a great modem program, which I use for Winlink email. If you have time, I have one question. I've noticed on received packets you have some type of indicator in brackets [+++] or [-++], etc. I'm guessing this is some type of quality indicator. Could you tell me exactly what it means? Duzhe vam djakuju.
steve levine : 22.12.2018 21:07
Hello Andrei, I am trying to use the soundmodem on a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. My issue is that the device and modem settings are not saved. I know the prompt says to restart after configuration, but they are not in the applet when I restart them. I have even tried saving by restarting the laptop, since I know that changes to the registry are not made until the computer is rebooted. May I know your thoughts on this? Friends in my group have had varying levels of difficulty with the same Issue... Thanks and 73's Steve, KC1ASO
Ken KR1KR : 17.12.2018 20:48
Hi Andrei, In trying to set up Soundmodem for the first time, I checked KISS port and unchecked AGW port. On one computer I got an error message "KISS port is busy!" On a brand new computer I got error messages "KISS port is busy!" AND "AGW port is busy!" I tried re-doing everything, but can't get past these errors. Can you help?
PE1RRR : 6.12.2018 16:13
the best packet software soundmodem on windows so far \o/
Joseph M McVeigh : 22.11.2018 20:07
I have down loaded your program and have no idea how to make the settings adjustments. i have a Windows 10 system, and using a Signallink usb sound card and a FT-897 Yaesu radio. Pleae help Thank You, Joe AG6ZC
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