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Bart, N5BLP : 8.01.2019 22:42
Greetings, Andrei. You have written a great modem program, which I use for Winlink email. If you have time, I have one question. I've noticed on received packets you have some type of indicator in brackets [+++] or [-++], etc. I'm guessing this is some type of quality indicator. Could you tell me exactly what it means? Duzhe vam djakuju.
steve levine : 22.12.2018 21:07
Hello Andrei, I am trying to use the soundmodem on a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. My issue is that the device and modem settings are not saved. I know the prompt says to restart after configuration, but they are not in the applet when I restart them. I have even tried saving by restarting the laptop, since I know that changes to the registry are not made until the computer is rebooted. May I know your thoughts on this? Friends in my group have had varying levels of difficulty with the same Issue... Thanks and 73's Steve, KC1ASO
Ken KR1KR : 17.12.2018 20:48
Hi Andrei, In trying to set up Soundmodem for the first time, I checked KISS port and unchecked AGW port. On one computer I got an error message "KISS port is busy!" On a brand new computer I got error messages "KISS port is busy!" AND "AGW port is busy!" I tried re-doing everything, but can't get past these errors. Can you help?
PE1RRR : 6.12.2018 16:13
the best packet software soundmodem on windows so far \o/
Joseph M McVeigh : 22.11.2018 20:07
I have down loaded your program and have no idea how to make the settings adjustments. i have a Windows 10 system, and using a Signallink usb sound card and a FT-897 Yaesu radio. Pleae help Thank You, Joe AG6ZC
Sven : 15.11.2018 15:37
Hi, is there a Soundmodem Linux version available / planned ? 73 Sven
ha_swl_sat : 16.09.2018 16:32
Hi Andrej ! The new DSLWP-b sat runing GMSK 250/500 BAUD mode. If you have mood, do you mind apply to your SoundModem (?) Thank You the reading, All the Best
Don, KE0EE : 10.09.2018 05:44
Andrei, lots of testing. I Have the TCP display running. I see the port 8100 for both SoundModem and EasyTerm but am not able to connect, again radio port is blank and no data in either TCP. Using RMSExpress has similar problem but I do see some connect data in TCP but it does not actually transmit. I think if I could get EasyTerm working then both would work. Any ideas?
Ben K0YDS : 8.09.2018 06:01
I looked up on Google audio input blocked, and discovered that the April 2018 update of Windows 10 changed the privacy settings, and turned off app access to both the camera and the microphone by default. I changed that setting to ON and got a different error message: Error opening wave input device (device ID out of range)
Don, KE0EE : 8.09.2018 04:07
I have the SoundModem working with portions of RMS Express. The EasyTerm does not connect to either of the port 8000 or 8100. Attempting to connect does not have anything in the Radio Ports. How does that get populated?
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