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Andy UZ7HO : 25.04.2017 17:22
Since the "Calibration tool" always use a soundcard in stereo mode and you can hear only "channel B" I assume that the sound interface use another (swapped) channel for output. You are right that the RMS-Express use a first port (AKA "channel A") for operations, but "Single Channel Output" option emulates "pseudo-mono" mode, so it does not matter which port in use since the data will be transmitted to both channels simultaneously.
Johan (PD1WGL) : 25.04.2017 16:47
Looks like single usse channel A and should (in my case) use channel B....
Johan (PD1WGL) : 25.04.2017 16:45
Hi Andy, tried that (a couple of times) when I tru the calibrate tool and monitor on an other radio I hear nice tones on channel B and not on channel A. When I let Winlink Express use the soundcard via TCP I hear the same as on channel A. It happens on the Yaesu SCU-17 and on my SB-2000 soundcard interface. enabling "Single Channel Output" does not change that.
Andy UZ7HO : 25.04.2017 16:35
Hi Johan! Some sound interfaces use a different channel for sound output. Try to enable a "Single Channel Output" function in "Devices" settings.
Johan (PD1WGL) : 25.04.2017 15:01
Hi Andy, I'm trying to get yuor program to work with Yaesu SCU-17 and us it in winlink express. But is seams when I use the calibrate function correct tones are in channel B but Winlink Express uses channel A. Any suggestions how to solve this?
Ralph Howard : 4.04.2017 23:34
Howdy, I do a lot of ARES here in the middle of the USA. I want to use your software with Winlink. I am looking through the documentation for where to assign a COM: port. Can you point that out for me? Big TNX.
Pietro : 28.03.2017 22:07
Hi Andrei ! I was looking for something else and found your very nice piece of software ! I'm trying to develop (in Delphi for windows) almost the same (audio)-decoder for a 1200 bps nautical system called DSC (Digital Selective Call) that use 1700Hz +/- 400Hz. It's quite a strange mode because it use a 10bit word length with correction. Question: what kind of software routine are you using to demodulate audio and retrieve data ? I would like to use a "modified Goertzel" algorithm but I'm just at the beginning. Please visit my page and let me know if you may assist in any way to my project. Thank you and 73' de HB9RXC Pietro ( hb9rxc.homeip.net )
Andy UZ7HO : 20.03.2017 02:58
Hi Gordon! You may see "KISS port busy" warning message when TCP/IP port in use by another server application. Try to find conflicting application or try to change the port number (by default is 8100 for KISS) in both applications (RMS-Express and Soundmodem).
Gordon : 19.03.2017 21:01
I consistently get the "KISS port is busy!" warning when I launch Soundmodem97. I'm trying to use it with a Signalink and RMS Express, and believe I have all the parameters set correctly for the programs. Any suggestions? 73, Gordon KF5JWL
Robert : 9.03.2017 10:12
Thanks for your help Andy SoundModem 97 now works great less than 24 Hrs after my first post!It was a matter of putting together the components correctly and downloading the latest version. A stand along AX25 HF/VHF program is exactly what I wanted.Easy to read,easy to tune, a real winner, thanks again, Robert
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