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Don, KE0EE : 10.09.2018 05:44
Andrei, lots of testing. I Have the TCP display running. I see the port 8100 for both SoundModem and EasyTerm but am not able to connect, again radio port is blank and no data in either TCP. Using RMSExpress has similar problem but I do see some connect data in TCP but it does not actually transmit. I think if I could get EasyTerm working then both would work. Any ideas?
Ben K0YDS : 8.09.2018 06:01
I looked up on Google audio input blocked, and discovered that the April 2018 update of Windows 10 changed the privacy settings, and turned off app access to both the camera and the microphone by default. I changed that setting to ON and got a different error message: Error opening wave input device (device ID out of range)
Don, KE0EE : 8.09.2018 04:07
I have the SoundModem working with portions of RMS Express. The EasyTerm does not connect to either of the port 8000 or 8100. Attempting to connect does not have anything in the Radio Ports. How does that get populated?
Pavel - SK4PB : 30.08.2018 12:05
Very good and simple software for Packet Radio! we thank you! 73!
Todd-WA7FOX : 26.08.2018 00:08
having an issue with " Unable to open TCP"in winlink. I'm missing a step here some place. I am looking again
Butch K8KO : 29.07.2018 00:53
I am using Win 10, soundmodem 1.0,easy term 0.39b. I am trying to set up LPT1 for PTT, but see no activity on pins 2 or 3 when sending packets. Pins 2 and 3 remain low. Device manager says it is a working ECP serial port. I have tried three "filter resource methods" and "enable PNP" with no success. How can I get PTT to work? Thank you, butch K8KO
jim g7icd : 30.06.2018 13:45
Hi Andrei have i got this set up right when i try to connect to a station on another port not a soundmodem port and it don't connect i get the prompt back saying GB105:G7ICD-8} Failure with G7ILL but if i use the soundmodem port i get UZ7HO} Failure with G7ILL And not the normal GB105:G7ICD-8} is it a setting i have missed or just the way it works thans jim de g7icd
Greg KI7ETS : 16.06.2018 03:03
For some reason, I am not getting the option to Set Mode to VHF AX25 1200 bd. Nothing to set to VHF. After re-starting the program it give me an error KISS port is busy! and it does nothing. Any ideas? Cheers! Greg KI7ETS
ANTONIO : 3.06.2018 19:10
Tks for your program. I has put de W-10 but the "color waterfull" not work , always in black. Help me please. Tks and 73
os1goe : 25.05.2018 11:10
hello sir, thank you very much for soundmodem software, but i have a few qustions, to get it operational, it seems i can not enter mycall in the ini.file, how does that work? and also if i use the com ports for tx, which pin of the comport is used as TX?.you can leave me a message o a bbs, my home bbs is nl3zze. ok keep up the good work, bye bye 73`s de oscar / os1goe
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